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If you have been advised to undergo a root canal and the treatment does not respond to the therapy provided you may be required to undergo endodontic treatment in sugar land. You will be recommended to contact an endodontist even by the dentist near you as this is a procedure that is better handled by a specialist rather than a dentist. Therefore, you must be prepared to contact the specialist in sugar land endodontic treatment because he or she will be the best individual that can provide a remedy to your condition.


When your tooth does not respond to root canal therapy the requirement for endodontic surgery will become essential. The procedure is called apicoectomy or root-end surgery. The endodontist will be making a small incision in the gum near the tooth after administering anesthesia to remove the inflamed or infected tissue surrounding the root. A tiny filling is placed to seal off the canal after the tip of the root is also removed. The gums will be sutured back in place and the patient will be provided with an ice pack to reduce any inflammation. Patients that are affected by this problem can resume activities the following day.


When you return to the sugar land dentist he or she will recommend a crown or a permanent filling for restoring your tooth. The dentist sugar land will consider the extensive loss of tooth structure and may also recommend a post and core buildup before the permanent restoration. If you have any questions regarding the procedure you should be putting them to the dentist in sugar land.

You will be recommended not to chew or bite on the tooth treated until it has been restored by dentist sugar land TX. The tooth will be susceptible to fractures and therefore you should be visiting your dentist to enquire when a complete restoration will be possible at the earliest. Besides not chewing with the affected tooth you can continue maintaining your oral hygiene routine as you did regularly by brushing, flossing, and going for regular checkups and cleanings. Most endodontic treatments are successful and the teeth last for as long as natural teeth. Occasionally you may suffer pain in the tooth which may also become infected months or years after receiving endodontic treatment successfully. If you encounter this problem you can rest assured another endodontic procedure will be helpful to save the tooth. As you have undergone endodontic treatment it is suggested that you remain in contact with dentist 77479 regularly for cleaning and checkups especially if you do not want to be a victim of pain or infections.

Endodontic training is imparted to all student’s training in dental school. General dentists are fully capable of performing root canals but many prefer not to do so and refer procedures of these types to an endodontist. Endodontists are professionals that have received advanced training after completing dental school and are recognized as specialists in this field. It is a common practice among endodontists only to provide endodontic treatments that are different from routine procedures and may also involve complex surgeries.

If you have been recommended to undergo a root canal you would probably fear that the treatment will be painful and probably make you inactive for some time. However, you are suggested to understand that endodontists are only performing the root canal to relieve you from the pain and infection you are suffering from. You will be administered anesthesia to make you unaware of the procedure and may even not recollect it after the treatment. The sole intention of the endodontist is to relieve you from the pain and not increase it in any way. You will even be asked to obtain over-the-counter painkillers which can help you overcome any discomfort you may feel after the procedure.

Endodontic procedures are quite common even though general dentists are not handling them personally. They are aware of the complexities involved in the procedure and prefer to recommend patients that need a root canal to an endodontist who is a specialist in this field. You are recommended to view the endodontist as a professional that will help you to overcome the problem with the root canal as best as he or she can.

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