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Perhaps you’ve seen them on some of the shelves of your local pharmacy, of you’ve seen a few on a television commercial. Wherever you’ve become familiarized with a dental night guard matter less than becoming familiarized with why a dental night guard might be important. It can even make a difference in your life if you suffer from any symptoms we’ll discuss in this article. From all of us here at Sweet Water Dental Studio in Sugarland, TX, we want you to know that your problems become our problems the second you join our family. We want to help you find practical solutions to any dental problems you might have, and in this article, we discuss a solution that might be relevant to your life.


If you have a history of grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep, it’s probable you’ve been told by your dentist to use a dental night guard. This customized piece of plastic rests between both rows of your teeth while you sleep. This keeps them from coming into contact, allowing you to avoid problems associated with bruxism.


Currently, on the market, you will find two kinds of night-guards. One is a professional dental night-guard that is personally customized to fit your bite exactly. The other is one you’ll find at the local pharmacy, also known as a “boil and bite.” Custom made guards will always be the most comfortable choice, obviously, as they are made for your specific bite. While more expensive, this route will last you longer, making them more cost-efficient when compared side-by-side to its store-bought counterpart.


Aside from wearing a nightly mouth guard, your dentist will also recommend certain methods of stress reduction, limiting the intake of caffeine, jaw alignment procedure, and measures taken to keep the jaw resting.

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