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Often known as the best alternative for missing natural teeth, dental implants are packed with amazing features. They are the first option recommended by dentists from all around the world when you wish to get a missing tooth restored, and rightly so. Here are some of the prominent advantages of dental implants that will help you get a better idea about them.


Dental implants are unbelievably similar to natural teeth when it comes to their physical appearance. The metal implant stud remains under the gum line as it is embedded in the jawbone. The visible tooth-like structure is made from dental-grade ceramic, which is highly customizable. Its color, texture, and contour can be customized to match your adjoining natural teeth, thereby keeping the implant from being distinguished.


When it comes to replacing missing teeth, implants are far ahead in terms of strength. The metal stud is made from titanium, which is one of the hardest and most durable metals. Also, the ceramic crown is quite durable and lasts a long time without significant wear. However, patients should refrain from biting or chewing hard objects, as it could damage the implant.


The metal implant stud has screw-like grooves on its surface, which allow the implant to stay firmly in position. This keeps it from getting unsettled or loosened from its socket in the jawbone. Also, the dental adhesives we use to bond the crown to the implant is quite strong and keeps it firmly attached.


Losing a tooth can hinder your ability to bite and chew food, as it causes pain and discomfort. But, once the implant replaces the missing tooth, your oral functionality will be restored to normal. The implant prevents excessive forces from being exerted on the teeth adjoining the gap, thereby allowing you to eat food without any hassle.


The crown made from dental-grade ceramic is highly resistant to staining. It would stay as good as new for several years without losing its luster and color. Although it is best to avoid colored foods, chewing tobacco, or other unhealthy oral habits to keep the implant look as good as new.


Once a tooth is removed from the mouth, the jawbone could shrink or deteriorate. Due to this, there could be a change in facial shape, and the adjoining teeth could loosen from their sockets, ultimately leading to further tooth loss. But, placing an implant in the jawbone keeps it from deteriorating as the grooves hold it intact.


Before getting dental implants, the dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine your candidacy. This ensures your implant surgery is carried out without any complications, and the implant lasts for several years.

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