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The teeth are very strong parts of the mouth. They have a solid sturdy build that can last the entire lifetime of a human being. However, even then, teeth can still be subjected to damage. It is not only tooth decay and cavities that damage teeth. An injury, accident, or trauma can cause immense damage to teeth. Fortunately, dentistry has a provision for protecting teeth against such traumatic effects that could sabotage the health of teeth.


It is a dental appliance that is placed over teeth to protect them from external damage. They are often used to reduce the impact of pressure that comes from external forces in a traumatic event. Mostly, mouthguards are common among sportsmen who stand a greater risk of injuries in the face. You may have seen a mouthguard during boxing sports where the persons involved cover their front teeth for protection.


There is a lot that can happen in your mouth and result in a dental emergency. The impact of external forces can cause a lot of damage to your mouth. If it is not convincing enough that mouthguards in Sugarland are useful for protecting your teeth, here are some of the reason why you need to have mouthguards for your teeth:

Bleeding – the mouth is great in handling bleeding on its own. However, following a traumatic injury, you will need a Sugarland dentist to offer emergency dental care. With mouthguards, it proves difficult for the external impact to cause a lot of bleeding.

Dislodged teeth – even though teeth are firmly hooked to the jawbone through the roots, they can be dislodged is enough pressure is exerted on the teeth. This kind of dislodging can be harmful because it does not exert controlled pressure on the tooth. Therefore, an accident can dislodge a tooth while breaking bones and damaging the surrounding gum tissues. Mouthguards protect the front teeth since they are the most exposed teeth in the mouth. When an accident happens, the teeth may still be intact. In cases where teeth are dislodged, the pressure will be controlled, and the damage manageable.

Bone fractures– you must understand that the mouth is not only made of teeth. The teeth are supported by the bone structure in the mouth. Following an injury, the bones may be fractures, affecting the stability of teeth. Mouthguards protect the bone structure of teeth from fractures and other forms of damage.

Jaw problems – the jaw is strong enough to hold teeth in place for as long as a lifetime. However, some jaw problems can result from traumatic events. A problem with the jaw does not only mess up the way teeth sit in teeth. Jaw problems can lead to other issues like face alignment, temporomandibular disorder, to mention a few. Mouthguards also protect the jaw from harm.


Depending on where you get your mouthguards, and how they are made, the types differ. The following types are the most common ones available in the market:

Stock mouth protectors– you can find them in most sporting stores. They are pre-formed, which means you do not need to wait before you can have them. The downside, however, is that their sizes cannot necessarily be fitted for perfection since they are premade. Other than that, they can feel a little bulky to wear, offering very minimal protection. The good news is that they are inexpensive and easily available on goods stores

Boil and bite mouth protectors – they feature a thermal plastic material that can be reshaped according to the need. They have a better fit than stock mouth protectors because of the material used to make them. Ideally, you have to warm them up before you put them on. This softens the plastic, allowing for shaping and adjusting. You can shape it according to your teeth, using your tongue or your fingers.

Custom-fitted mouth protectors – unlike all other types of mouthguards, these mouthguards are not premade. They are uniquely made for a specific patient. They have the best kind of fit and provide optimum protection to teeth. Usually, they are created by a dentist, after taking impressions of your teeth.

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