A frenectomy is a simple and effective procedure performed at Sweet Water Dental Studio to address issues related to the frenulum, the small fold of tissue that can restrict movement in the mouth. This procedure is often recommended for patients with a tight or restrictive frenulum that can cause speech difficulties, feeding problems in infants, or gum recession. By removing or modifying the frenulum, we can improve oral function and comfort.

Our team uses advanced laser technology to perform frenectomy with minimal discomfort and a quick recovery time. The laser precisely cuts and reshapes the frenulum, reducing the risk of bleeding and infection. This minimally invasive approach ensures a smoother procedure and faster healing compared to traditional surgical methods.

Frenectomy can significantly improve the quality of life for patients experiencing restrictions in oral movement. Whether it’s to improve speech, facilitate breastfeeding, or prevent gum issues, this procedure can provide immediate and lasting benefits. At Sweet Water Dental Studio, we are committed to offering comprehensive care that addresses your unique needs and enhances your overall oral health.

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