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Endodontic refers to the study of the dental pulp and the diseases related to it. A dentist is identified as an endodontist. But why do you need a specialized dentist for the dental pulp? A general dentist can identify a problem and serve patients to a limited extent. Specializing in any field gives you an edge over the others. If a dentist in Sugarland, TX has specialized in endodontics, you must consult them for any dental problems. There is a myth that endodontists can only deal with patients that have problems other than pulp. The fact is, endodontist, can not only provide you treatments for the dental pulp problem but any other problems are also dealt rightly. Root canal treatment is one of the most popular endodontic treatments that people talk about or the dentist advises.


Endodontic treatment includes the pulp of the tooth and the nerves present in it. Root canal therapy (RCT) is the most common endodontic treatment that you may hear about. Here is the step by step process of the RCT.


The first step is the x-ray and preparation of the tooth. Your dentist will ask for an x-ray of the oral cavity. He or she will better understand the condition of the tooth and treating it would be more effective. Once the condition is known, the surgical site is numbed using a local or general anesthesia. The patient will not feel any pain and the procedure gets easier and efficient.


After numbing the site of action, a hole will be constructed in the infected tooth. The hole is the gateway for cleaning the pulp. After the construction of the hole, the endodontist will scratch all the pulp out of the tooth. This step is also called pulpectomy, removal of infected pulp.

Scratching out the pulp is followed by an anti-bacterial mouth rinsing procedure. This makes the process more effective. All the contaminants are removed. If this step is missed, the tooth may get infected by some other bacteria.


Once the cavity is clean and dried, the hole will be covered. For this purpose, your dentist may use a porcelain or resin filling. This will cover the opening and your oral cavity will be protected from any other problems.

The filling is followed by crowning. The crown serves as a shield for the weak tooth. The dental crown will protect the treated tooth and filling from bacterial attack. It will also prevent the filling from falling off.

The procedure needs time because the root canal for one tooth may be performed in two visits. The crowning step requires a separate visit after the gum and tooth have healed.


The most common reason for endodontic treatments is teeth infection. The pulp gets infected and becomes useless. An endodontic treatment protects the nerves of the tooth from infection. If the nerves get infected, the problems are magnified as well as intensified. The situation gets hard to tackle. There are two scenarios of an infected tooth. Sometimes the tooth pulp is infected directly. In other cases, the gum infection spreads up to the pulp. In both scenarios, your remaining tooth and nerves must be protected.


After endodontic treatment, the dentist near you would recommend some post-surgery care tips for better results. Those tips might include.

  • Proper oral hygiene routine
  • Regular visits to the dentist
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol after the treatment for two to three days
  • Do not chew hard food items for three to four days
  • Do not brush aggressively

If you follow the tips, the procedure will have better results that can be witnessed after a week or two.


Root canals last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly. The chances of failure are low but if they fail, you need endodontic retreatment. Your treated tooth is given a second chance if the dentist diagnoses any of the following problems:

  • Crowning is delayed
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Treated tooth catches a new infection
  • Restricted canals in the roots of the tooth that were not observed earlier

Choosing the right dentist will reduce the chances of retreatment. Visit Sweetwater Dental Studio and get the best endodontists. We will make sure the treatment is painless, comforting, and performed under a strictly controlled environment.

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