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Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over teeth to help them look and function better. It can be made of different materials according to each patient’s preference.

Why might I need a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” placed over a tooth, covering the tooth to restore its shape and size and strength, and improve its appearance. A crown can be used when a tooth is broken, severely damaged by decay, or has a large filling.

What options do I have for dental crowns?

There are several options available, including:

– Metal crowns

– Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM)

– All-metal crowns

– All-porcelain crowns

How long does a dental crown last?

Dental crowns are long-lasting. A dental crown could last you for 15-20 years when cared for properly. However, some factors could shorten its lifespan.

If you grind your teeth at night, your dental crown could be damaged. The grinding action will wear down the porcelain, causing it to chip or wear away. This affects the appearance of your crown and can also damage your tooth underneath the crown.

Other types of wear and tear, such as chewing on hard objects, can also damage your crown. It’s not uncommon for patients to bite their fingernails or pen caps. However, this can crack and chip your crown.

How do I care for a dental crown?

It’s essential to practice good oral hygiene habits to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, compromising your dental crown. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day for two minutes using a toothbrush with a soft-bristled head. Flossing will also help remove plaque between your dental crown and the tooth.

In addition to practicing good oral hygiene habits, it’s essential to visit your dentist for regular appointments. Your dentist will examine your crown to ensure it’s still in good condition. If there are signs of damage or decay, your dentist may recommend a dental crown repair.

If your dentist recommends a dental crown repair, don’t delay making an appointment. Delaying treatment can result in further damage to your dental crown.

So if you are looking forward to correcting your smile by getting a dental crown, we suggest you book an appointment soon by calling us at  (832) 939-9999 or email us at Visit us in Sweetwater Dental Studio at 4840 Sweetwater Blvd suite A, Sugar Land, TX 77479.

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