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If you need dental implants, you’re probably looking forward to the benefit of having a complete set of teeth again! While this is definitely something to celebrate, the benefits of tooth implants don’t stop there. We specialize in high-quality dental implants here at Sweetwater Dental Studio in Sugar Land, TX, and we want to make sure you understand all of the benefits that you’ll enjoy after your implants are placed.


Especially if you’re missing a tooth near the front of your mouth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling or speaking naturally. If your teeth are missing for a significant amount of time the jaw bone underneath them can start to recede, which can give your face a sunken look. That’s where implants come in! After your dental implants are placed, you’ll be able to smile without shame! Implants will also stimulate blood flow to the jawline just as your natural teeth would, encouraging a more youthful appearance.


When a tooth is missing, you may have to pass up your favorite foods for something easier to chew. With dental implants, you can remember how it feels to eat out with friends without worrying about how you’ll chew your dinner!


Alternatives to dental implants, such as bridges and crowns, involve filing down adjacent healthy teeth, which damages them. In contrast, dental implants are supported by a screw that secures into your jawbone, just as the root of a natural tooth would. Because of this, adjacent healthy teeth can be protected as implants are placed.


Many worry that committing to dental implants will be a long and drawn-out process. Here at Sweetwater Dental Studio in Sugar Land, we are experts in dental implantation. This means getting your dental implants placed will be a quick process, and your recovery time will be short. You can move ahead with your life- comfortable with your beautiful complete smile.

If you have any questions regarding dental implants or are wondering if they are right for you, please don’t hesitate to call us at Sweetwater Dental Studio!

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